post #5 NEW Fred Slacker single "My life" is due to be released on 08/11/2019. It was the first song written for this project - a story about a longtime loser whom's luck is finally about to change. 

post #4 Happy Release Day to me! TOMORROW is out & available here:

post #3 Attention folks! The first Fred Slacker single will be released on August 24, 2018. An impression of what you can expect you see and hear in this short trailer on YouTube. Check this out!

post #2 "I asked my mum in '92 / mum, will I get a little brother soon / no my dear it's too late for me / but if you're lonely get some friends." 

post  #1 Attention! This is the new webspace of the mighty Fred Slacker. Not known anywhere on this planet yet. But maybe soon. Get ready for some good tunes!


Cheers, FS